The Art of Fran Design Studio

is located in the Tri-State area. Owned and operated by Graphic Artist Fran Lott, we have been providing custom design solutions for business and personal use since 1997.
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and receive your estimate in less than twenty four hours. Listed below are some of the design services we offer:


We will create collateral print packages to help you communicate a consistent image from Logo design to website development.


Your company's logo is the first contact many potential customers will have with your company. Don't underestimate the value of a good first impression. We will design a logo that projects the image you want to send to your customers.


Magazines offer an effective means of reaching your target audience. Regardless of your objective, we can design an ad that clearly communicates your message to your potential customers.


We will design brochures, self-mailers, newsletters, or other forms of print media that clearly and effectively communicate your company's message and image. From standard size self-mailers, to custom multi-panel brochures, we will design what you need to suit your business.


Billboards send an advertiser's message to a large audience with the right location. We can create a billboard campaign that will help you achieve your marketing objectives and help with placement to make sure your target is being reached.


We handle various aspects of publishing including editorial, ad sales, layout design, brochures etc., .In addition, we will also handle your multimedia projects, whether it's interface design for your cd based program or 3D animations.


When correctly targeted, direct mail can be one of the most effective means of advertising. We create campaigns to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives.


There are just some shots that require digital recomposition in order to get the look you need for a job. We pride ourselves on our ability to blend and retouch images that defy even the closest scrutiny


We offer a complete web hosting solution. will handle all your needs to get you ready for deciding on a domain name and space on the web. Now, more than ever, the Internet is essential to competing in today's global market place. We will design and host a website with the functionality you need. From active server pages to secure transactions, we will develop a site with the capacity to handle the types of business you want to conduct on the Web.

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